Domestic Emergency Backflow Preventer

Domestic emergency backflow preventers work to make sure that liquids do not flow in the opposite direction than intended. These types of systems are required in most commercial, office, and industrial buildings to protect drinking water from contamination. That said, it is important that your backflow preventer is in good shape to ensure your facility's safety. Our team is experts in the installation, service, and maintenance of backflow prevention systems and can easily identify other vulnerabilities in your facility.

Our Fire Backflow Preventer Services


Trust APFE as your go-to company for periodical check-ups and regularly scheduled maintenance. Our work is aligned with regulations and standards set by NFPA.


We are a certified fire protection company that can ensure your system is in full compliance with NFPA 25. Through a series of inspections and tests, we will guarantee that you are fully protected and your system is certified and tagged.


Give us a call and we can help you with every step of the fire sprinkler system retrofitting process. Our sales team will listen to your needs and administer the right upgrades to guarantee a proper and safe fire sprinkler system.

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