Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire can be one of the most threatening forces for your business or home, employees or family. In order to be fully protected from these dangers, it is important that you select the company that can provide you with the best fire sprinkler service available. Trust APFE for all of your fire sprinkler systems needs; we will ensure that your fire protection plan is comprehensive and thorough.


Sprinkler Products and Accessories

APFE sells and distributes any and all fire sprinkler parts you may need for your business.

Underground Water Supply

We will inspect and conduct maintenance on your underground water supply according to NFPA standards and regulations.

Tenant Upgrades

We will guarantee that your systems are up to tenant safety regulations.

Our Fire Sprinkler Systems Services


Did your installer do faulty work? Is your system outdated? APFE can repair any preexisting fire sprinkler systems in need of repair to meet NAPFE safety standards and regulations


Trust APFE as your go-to company for periodical check-ups and regularly scheduled maintenance. Our work is aligned with regulations and standards set by NFPA.


We are a certified fire protection company that can ensure your system is in full compliance with NFPA 25. Through a series of inspections and tests, we will guarantee that you are fully protected and your system is certified and tagged.

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