Serving California: San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County

Keep your mind at ease knowing APFE provides fire sprinkler services in  Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego! Maintained and inspected by certified fire safety providers, APFE’s fire sprinkler, alarm, suppression system, and emergency lighting services are among the most effective methods used to significantly reduce fire damages to your Southern California business or home.

According to the NFPA, fires are 97 percent less likely to spread outside of the room from which it began with fire sprinkler systems. Do you have a facility that needs fire protection outside of Southern California? Fortunately, APFE fire protection experts are qualified to provide fire protection services for businesses and residences in any California county!

Serving Southern California

Sprinkler System Maintenance

APFE will provide maintenance and repairs for your fire sprinkler systems.

Backflow Systems

Backflow maintenance, upgrades, and retrofits available.

Emergency Lighting Services

Make sure your emergency lighting systems are up to code!

Fire Prevention Systems Services

Fire Pump Repair and Maintenance

From fixing faulty installations to providing long term professional maintenance, APFE has your fire pump system covered.

Extinguisher Maintenance

Trust APFECorp as your go-to company for periodical check-ups and regularly scheduled maintenance.


We are a certified fire protection company that can ensure your system is in full compliance with NFPA 25. Through a series of inspections and tests, we will guarantee that you are fully protected and your system is certified and tagged.

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