3 Key Fire Protection Devices Needed for an Industrial Kitchen

In fast-paced environments like restaurants that depend on the use of stoves and open flames, accidents are bound to happen. Practicing fire safety routines and educating staff will only go so far in the case of an emergency. It is essential for restaurant owners to equip their facilities with industrial kitchen fire protection systems to…
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Are Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems Necessary?

Whether it be a public or a private place, there might be valuables that people would not want to lose. When fires and special hazards enter the equation, it can get very scary. This would start people down the path of deciding whether or not a special hazard fire suppression system is necessary for their…
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Fire sprinkler

Fire System Inspection: Checklist and Process

Fires are a serious issue in the United States.  In fact, firefighters in the U.S. respond to a fire every 24 seconds.  Even with government regulations in place fires do occur and can cause massive destruction.  Fire protection services are necessary to prevent the damage and potential loss of life that can occur from fire…
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Chef cooking with pan on fire

The 3 Functions of Kitchen Suppression Systems

Whether you have a large restaurant or a small café, a kitchen fire is one of the biggest threats to the longevity of your business.  Every year, fire causes more deaths in the U.S. than all natural disasters combined. A kitchen fire not only endangers the lives of staff and patrons but can also shut…
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Backflow Preventer Systems: Why They’re Necessary For Your Commercial Building

In the United States, there are over 295,000 water supply systems that are both publicly and privately owned.  Without these supply systems, about 85% of Americans won’t have access to safe and clean water. Needless to say, there are mechanisms in place to ensure that safe water is being supplied to the population.   One…
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5 Mandatory Steps to Take to Protect Your Commercial Property from Fire

A fire can be detrimental not only to your building but to the businesses that are in it. A business can be completely ruined with one fire. With over 111,000 reported non-residential fires in the U.S. in 2017, it is an event that ends up costing businesses a lot of money. Although fire protection services…
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3 Fire Protection Products Necessary for Your Home or Condo Rental Property

Fires are devastating and dangerous events, whether caused by wildfires or by other indoor causes.   Unfortunately, California is a state that has experienced the destruction that these events cause. The frequency of wildfires in the western U.S. has increased by 400% since 1970, with California being hit hard in recent years. Seasonal wildfires are…
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