7 Tips for Fire Safety in the Workplace

Commercial building fire

When fires break out in the workplace, the cost of repairs can be overwhelmingly detrimental, and employees can be put in danger. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there is an average of 37,000 fires yearly within industrial and manufacturing sites. The estimated costs of damage due to these fires come to roughly $1…

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Helpful Tips for Preventing Wildfires


Whenever a wildfire ignites, we can be sure devastation will follow in its wake. Over 68,000 wildfires are reported every year in the United States, and humans cause 9 out of 10 of those fires. There are many different ways a wildfire can begin, such as campfires, fireworks, vehicles, and gender reveal parties, but there…

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How to Dispose of a Home Fire Extinguisher

Are your home fire extinguishers looking a little dusty? Even rusty? Do you know the last time you had them inspected? While many fire extinguishers last up to 12 years, many homeowners haven’t even looked at them for more than that.   How to Dispose of Used Fire Extinguishers If it’s time to get rid…

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Backflow Preventer System Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When you turn the shower on in your bathroom at home, you are instantly met with hot, clean water. Ah . . . the joys of civilization! At dinner time, you have the luxury of washing your hands, cleaning dishes, or filling pans with bright, pressurized water that stays within the sink.  But . .…

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Home Fire Safety Checklist

There are many fire protection products out in the market, which you should install and maintain throughout the years to keep your home or business safe. Furthermore, check out our tips to prevent fires from starting in the first place.   Fire protection products include many items, which are outlined below.    Fire Extinguishers When…

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Why Are Industrial Emergency Lights Important?

We have all sat at home, and the lights go out. We scramble in the dark to find our candles and flashlights so we can function. At the very least, we turn the flashlight on from our phones to help us navigate our home and not trip over each other, our furniture, our pets, or…

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3 Key Fire Protection Devices Needed for an Industrial Kitchen

In fast-paced environments like restaurants that depend on the use of stoves and open flames, accidents are bound to happen. Practicing fire safety routines and educating staff will only go so far in the case of an emergency. It is essential for restaurant owners to equip their facilities with industrial kitchen fire protection systems to…

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Fire System Inspection: Checklist and Process

Fire sprinkler

Fires are a serious issue in the United States.  In fact, firefighters in the U.S. respond to a fire every 24 seconds.  Even with government regulations in place fires do occur and can cause massive destruction.  Fire protection services are necessary to prevent the damage and potential loss of life that can occur from fire…

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The 3 Functions of Kitchen Suppression Systems

Chef cooking with pan on fire

Whether you have a large restaurant or a small café, a kitchen fire is one of the biggest threats to the longevity of your business.  Every year, fire causes more deaths in the U.S. than all natural disasters combined. A kitchen fire not only endangers the lives of staff and patrons but can also shut…

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5 Mandatory Steps to Take to Protect Your Commercial Property from Fire

A fire can be detrimental not only to your building but to the businesses that are in it. A business can be completely ruined with one fire. With over 111,000 reported non-residential fires in the U.S. in 2017, it is an event that ends up costing businesses a lot of money. Although fire protection services…

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