Fire Extinguisher Service: How To Choose the Right Type

Fire extinguisher service given to businesses for safety

In the unpredictable landscape of life, safety is paramount, especially when it comes to fire prevention. Fires can start in different places like homes, offices, or factories, and can be dangerous for people and things. One of the most critical aspects of fire safety is choosing the right type of fire extinguisher. This seemingly simple…

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What are the 6 Classes of Fire?

different types of fire extinguishers

In the US, firefighters respond to an emergency every 24 seconds. Having a fire safety plan in place is essential to ensure you’re prepared, and having the right fire extinguisher could save your home, workplace, or even lives. However, using the wrong fire extinguisher can be extremely dangerous, which is why it’s critical to understand…

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What is the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code?

Matches spelling out safety

When we walk into a building, we assume we’re safe. A large part of our assured feelings of security is thanks to the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. Created in 1913 by NFPA’s Committee on Safety to Life, the Life Safety Code was designed to bring attention to a building’s potential hazards. By locating these…

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What Does an Emergency Light Inspection Include?

emergency light inspection

Power outages are inevitable. When at home, the solution to a sudden power outage is often a stash of emergency flashlights or candles or maybe a small generator. Commercial power outages are a different story and present their own challenges. Commercial properties have safety regulations, which include emergency lighting requirements. These NFPA requirements are designed…

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What is Included in a Fire Sprinkler Inspection?

Fire sprinkler inspection

If you own an indoor sprinkler system for your business, having it inspected regularly can help prolong your system’s life and, therefore, help protect your property. A fire sprinkler system inspection can occur weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or on a 3-year or 5-year basis. The inspection schedule for each system is determined by the NFPA…

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Can Fire Extinguishers Be Refilled?

Refillable fire extinguishers

Fire safety and prevention is a top priority for both home and business owners. But how do you know if your fire extinguisher is working and when it’s time to get a replacement? You may be wondering if fire extinguishers even can be refilled.   In short, yes! It’s possible to refill fire extinguishers if…

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Helpful Tips for Preventing Wildfires


Whenever a wildfire ignites, we can be sure devastation will follow in its wake. Over 68,000 wildfires are reported every year in the United States, and humans cause 9 out of 10 of those fires. There are many different ways a wildfire can begin, such as campfires, fireworks, vehicles, and gender reveal parties, but there…

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How a Kitchen Fire Suppression System Works

Cooking equipment is the primary cause of 57% of all restaurant fires. Long-term lost revenue is just the beginning of post-fire expenses involved. Repairs to your building, equipment replacement, and higher insurance rates all making staying in business difficult. Business owners that take assertive measures to avoid fire minimize their risk and set themselves up…

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How to Dispose of a Home Fire Extinguisher

Are your home fire extinguishers looking a little dusty? Even rusty? Do you know the last time you had them inspected? While many fire extinguishers last up to 12 years, many homeowners haven’t even looked at them for more than that.   How to Dispose of Used Fire Extinguishers If it’s time to get rid…

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How Many Fire Extinguishers for Home Use Are Required?

Most people know it is a good idea to have fire extinguishers for home use, but they don’t know how many they should own or where they should be located. Here are a few answers to common questions about fire extinguisher number and location.  Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher that is…

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